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If you are unable to access HCArewards.com from this page, then you should first visit HCAhrAnswers.com and click on HCA Rewards.

After that, you need to follow the on-screen instructions that will guide you to register as a first-time user and provide you access to the site for all your future visits.

If your facility doesn’t use HCAhrAnswers, then you should go to Atlas Connect while on HCA Healthcare network and click on ‘HCA Benefits and Rewards’ icon in the list of app options.

HCA Employee Login/Sign-In (bConnected HCA Sign In)

If you are a former employee or beneficiary at HCA Healthcare or related services, then here is some useful information for you that might be of some help.

  • COBRA Administrator Contact Number: (877) 202-6272
  • Flexible Spending Accounts Number: Wage Works (877) 888-3539
  • Time Away from Work Program Phone Number: Sedgwick (855) 858-7557
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan: Merrill Lynch (855) 422-7862
  • Retirement Clearinghouse (Rollovers): (866) 340-3252
  • Wellness Resources and Programs
  • Form 1095 Download
  • Other Tax Forms (W2, W4): (844) 472-6797
  • Additional Information: Resources for Retirees / Benefits Providers

What to do incase you forget your HCA Username?

In case, you have forgotten your HAC username required to login to HCA Rewards then click on ‘Forgot My User Name’.  You will see a screen. Now follow the below mentioned instructions:

  • Enter last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.
  • Enter your Date of Birth in mmddyy format.
  • Now, enter the first five digits of Home ZIP Code.
  • Validate the captcha to verify you are human.
  • Once done, click on ‘Continue’ button.
  • Your username will be sent to your email address in the file.

Just in case you have troubles in login to HCA Rewards portal, you can contact the support at 800-566-4114. The team is available Monday to Friday from 7AM CT to 7PM CT, subject to availability in holidays.

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How first-time users can register on HCA Rewards ?

If you are a first time user, click on Register (First-Time User). Now there are two options to proceed – one with the registration key and other without the registration key. It will ask you whether you have the registration key, or you want to request a key. This registration key is basically a security measure that is used to confirm your identity during the process of registration.

1. When you don’t have Registration Key:

If you are not having the registration key, then select ‘No – I need to request a key’ and follow the instructions to get it. To obtain your key, the system needs to identify you. Follow these steps:

  • Enter your HCA 3-4 ID and then enter your Date of Birth in mmddyy format.
  • Enter the first five digits of your Home Zip Code.
  • Now verify the captcha and click on ‘Request a Key’.

The key will be sent to your registered id. If not, then call support.

2. When you have the registration key:

If you have the registration key, then click on ‘Yes – I have a key’ and follow the instructions.

  • Enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number.
  • Enter your registration key.
  • Verify the captcha step.
  • Click on the ‘Continue’ button and then follow few steps to get registered.

How to reset lost/forgotten password at HCA Rewards portal?

If you have forgotten your HCA rewards password, then click on ‘Forgot Password’. Now follow these instructions:

  • Enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.
  • After this, enter your Date of Birth in mmddyy format.
  • Enter the first five digits of Home ZIP Code.
  • Now validate the captcha to verify you are human.
  • Once done, click on ‘Continue’ button.
  • Your password reset URL will be sent to your email address in the file.

The password reset can also happen remotely using your mobile if you have entered your mobile number in password profile setup.

HCA HealthStream Login

If you wish to view all healthcare facilities and related rewards in your account, then you need to login to HCA HealthStream portal from here. Remember, any unauthorized access to the screens or any computer system on which screen or information to be displayed reside is prohibited, accessing which is a criminal offense. Your use of this portal is governed and conditioned on your acceptance of the terms of use referenced herein.

When you are accessing HCA – Information Technology and Services Inc. (IT&S) computer system, make sure that you are an authorized IT&S user, its customer or its affiliate. You have no exception of privacy rights or ownership of anything you might create, store, send or receive on this system as a user of this system. If you proceed using it, then your system constitutes your consent to monitor, retrieve and disclosure of any information within the system for all purposes deemed by IT&S, including the enforcement rules regarding unacceptable use of the system.

HCA Facility Scheduler

The HCA Facility Scheduler could be used by the employees to access their schedules from wherever they want using computer. In order to access the scheduler, your computer should have Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher version. You can determine your IE version by opening the internet browser, clicking on ‘Help’ and then selecting ‘About Internet Explorer’.

HCA Rewards App

The HCA Rewards App lets HAC affiliated employees to access the key features of HCArewards.com. The app notifies you regarding the important benefits information and upcoming deadlines and also provide you with the benefit provider contact info anywhere, anytime at your disposal. Some of its benefits are as follows:

  • You get notifications and messages from HCArewards.com about your benefits.
  • Gives you easy access to benefits providers.

The app is available for both Google PlayStore and App Appstore. If you are not downloading the app from Apple device, then you need to request it. The process is given below. You cana lso email them at hcarewards@hcahealthcare.com.

HCA Rewards App for iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac)

It’s easy to get access to HCA Rewards iOS app. With HCA Rewards application, you can:

  • Get quick answers to all your benefits questions.
  • Find local providers and HCA Healthcare locations.
  • Keep check on costs for care.
  • Call the providers from the application.
  • Store the benefits ID cards belonging to you.
  • Get notifications and reminders and do a lot more!

So, download the app by simply entering your email id to receive the iOS app download link from Apple Appstore. This is the new policy by Apple.

The Bottom Line

As part of the HCA Healthcare family, the HCA rewards play an important role to ensure safety and care of anyone who belongs to HCA even after the retirements. HCA offers plans for both current employees and it also has HCA retirees plan.