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If you have been lately trying hard to log into your BSPN online account but are unable to do so, this is the end of your worries. You need not worry anymore, for you have come to the right place. We have here written an article on how you can once more gain access to your BSPN online account.

Here we will show you how to exactly do the same and hence get logged into your account. We are recommending you to read the full article and let us know what you think about it in the comments. It is really important because we value your comments and your reviews. Also, if you have any queries regarding this or any suggestions for us, then also please let us know.

About Bankers Life – BSPN Login


Bankers Life commenced its business in 1879. It is a health insurance company. The headquarters of it are located in the United States of America. It mainly focusses on providing cheap health insurance to somewhat lower income group people.

Logging into your BSPN online account

Now, in order to log into your BSPN online account, you simply need to follow what steps we have written below. If you follow them, we can guarantee you your access to your account. These simple looking steps are in fact the most important ones. So you better follow them with precision and accuracy, or else you will once again be denied access to your account. Therefore, the steps to log into your account are;



  1. The first and foremost thing you need to do here is to go onto the correct and official website for logging into your account. Such login portals are hard to find. Hence we have provided you here the link, through which you can log into your account. You can hence find the official login website here at You simply need to click on the link given.
  2. Once you click on the link, you will be taken to a page where you can log into your account. There you simply will need to enter your BSPN credentials in the respective boxes. There, you will find two empty boxes, in which you will have to enter your BSPN User name and your BSPN Password respectively.
  3. Once you enter both of these, click on ‘login’, and hence you will soon be logged into your online account, by following the remaining steps( if there are any).

Please Note

  • If you are unable to log into your online account or even get access to the BSPN online account, the first thing you should check then, is the URL that you have entered and then go on to check the spellings that you have entered as the username and the password. 
  • The second thing that you should immediately check is the case of your credentials. Both, the username and the password are case friendly. So you better check them before entering them and finding out that you are unable to login. 

Forgot your BSPN user ID or Password?

If you have forgotten your password, you need not worry. You simply need to do as what we say, and your account will soon be accessible again. The first and foremost thing to do if you have forgotten your password is to click on the option that says ‘forgot user ID or password’, just below the login boxes. Once you do, you will be taken to another page. There you will be asked to fill in your details, depending as to what problem you are facing.

Forgot Password?

There, you will need to fill in your details below the option that says ‘forgot password’. There, you will need to enter your last name, your username, any of your associated TIN / NPI, your email password, your new password, and then again confirm your password. Then click on ‘submit’ and you will get your new password.

Forgot Username?

If you have forgotten your username, then fill in the boxes below the same heading. Fill in the boxes your last name, any of your associated TIN / NPI and your email address. Click on ‘submit’ then and you will be able to get access to your BSPN online account and enjoy its benefits.

Create an account?

If you do not have an account, but want to make one immediately, then go onto There, click on the boxes and fill in the necessary details. Once you have done all of this, click on ‘submit’ and then you will soon have a BSPN online account fo your own.

Added Security Measures

In case you are accessing your BSPN online account from public computers, then don’t forget to log out from the portal. This should be before you leave the System.
To add to your security, it is strongly recommended for you to close the web browser window. This will be when you have finished the process of accessing your account. Your browser might ask you to save the password while logging in to the login portal, in this case, do not save the password if you are accessing the account on a public computer.

To sum up everything in this article, we have basically solved all the problems regarding not able to log in. After following the steps properly, you will be able to access your BSPN online account. You will be able to use it once more and avail the benefits that come along with it.

Also, we have given the correct URL from where you can log into your account. We have provided it here, for it is somewhat hard to find the correct URL and the official login website.

So this was it from our side. If you liked our article then please tell us about your experience in the comments below. Also if you want us to make articles on login portals of other companies, then also please tell us. We will try our best to do it. And if you really did find it useful, then kindly share it around.

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