HCA Retirement Benefits – RetireLink Login

HCA rewards play a crucial role to ensure the well being and safety of anyone belonging to the HCA family in their current tenure and even after the retirements. The employees who have retired get multiple HAC retirement benefits even after their retirement. If you are one of those lucky retirees who have served HCA and looking to reap the benefits after your retirement, then this free resource is crafted for you. If will help you find the right information and plans that may benefit you.

HCA Rewards for Retirees: How to Apply?

You should notify the supervisor and visit the Human Resource Office of the facility. Discuss about your plans to retire and the planned retirement date. The officer will provide you the information and forms that are required to be completed and are specific to your facility. If you move or temporarily move while still getting the benefits, you should contact your HR facility office to report any change.

You can even look for information in the mail from WageWorks. After the process of your employment termination gets completed, you will receive the information on your email automatically, concerning the continuation of healthcare coverage via HCA Retiree Medical or COBRA plan. This will also have information regarding the HCA retirement benefits.


You should contact social security to get an estimate of your Medicare information and benefits. You can call Social Security Administration at (800)772-1213 and request for Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement. If your age is 62 years or more, you can ask representative to tell you the estimate Social Security benefit over the call.

Your Social Security Benefit will be a monthly income from the Social Security Administration that will be payable to you at your retirement. Your spouse is also eligible to receive 40% to 50% of your benefits unless he/she is entitled to get a greater benefit independently. To get a more detailed information, you should check with the nearest Social Security Administration office.

The Retirement Clearinghouse

As a part of HC employment benefits, HCA is pleased to offer additional support in managing and overseeing the retirement account of the retirees. To aid this, HCA has already partnered with Retirement Clearinghouse to ensure that the retirees understand their options well. They can take clear advantage of extra support offered by the RetireLink.

RetireLink is a comprehensive program of retirement education and savings tool. The Retirement Clearinghouse specializes in helping the HCA-affiliated employees make well informed decisions about their retirement savings. The retirees can call Retirement Clearinghouse at 1-866-340-3252 to roll money into the HCA 401(K) Plan, and open IRA education about the different retirement options they have. You can get more information from here.

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