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Okay, let’s explore everything you need to know about Spectrum Employee Benefits in this article today. We have written down complete information about panorama charter employee benefits for both current and displaced employees.

Whenever a employee feels happy and stays healthy, they can work more for their company and brings out the best results. Spectrum strongly believes this fact and provides some handful of wonderful benefits to all it’s employees and their families.

Spectrum Employee Benefits for Active Employees & Retirees


To make their employees stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and ethically, spectrum have designed a beautiful opportunity in the form of employee benefits.



The benefits includes few core benefits and some educational benefits along with the educational tools and resources. Without any further ado, let’s get started to know what are the charter benefits.

1. Health Insurance

This is the first thing that every employer must have for their employees. Spectrum have categorized the health insurance into different corners such as long term health issues and short term health related problems.

Whenever a employee gets health related issues that may or may not need surgery, will get included in this health insurance.

2. Retiree Health & Medical

It is like a boon to spectrum retired employees because they can still make use of this retiree benefit. Yes, you can now get the most out of the health and medical benefits right from the company and you will get paid for what you deserve from the company side.

3. Mental Health Care

This is applicable to both current employees and displaced employees. So, whenever you feel stressed or out of control with your emotions, you can make use of this plan to get some anger management classes and yoga classes and treatment as well.

4. Pension Plan

This was the most tremendous plan for both the current employees and former employees. All the eligible employees will get a pension based on their work profile and age matters. But this one is discontinued from past few months so you won’t get a pension even when you meet the requirement criteria.

5. 401K Plan

This plan is only meant for those who are retired from the company and employees who are worried about their retirement. So, you as an employee has the right to either opt in or opt out for this plan. In this plan, you will be able to choose the amount that you want to save for your retirement from your salary.

Which means that you will get some money deducted from your each salary and that will get added to your 401k plan. So, you can get back these funds at your retirement or whenever you want.

The best thing about this plan is that, the total amount that you earn from the company is not taxable but the amount your withdraw after deductions to 401k will.

5. Professional Support

Every employee of the company will get the opportunity to improve their skills and profile with some professional courses. Yes, you can take any online classes or participate in any cross company interviews to improve your career and this is a rare opportunity for the employees.

6. Vacation & Time Off

Parental leaves, sick leaves and paid time off comes under this benefit. So, every employee of the company will get a chance to utilize the paid time off and vacation holidays now.

7. Perks & Discounts

Spectrum is the best company for that matter because, all the employees will get a chance to enjoy the free internet and free voice calls. Occasionally, spectrum will provide all their employee some great benefits on their products and services.

Company social events, legal assistance, gym membership, company car, employee associate program and free lunch are the additional perks that every panorama charter employee gets.

There are various other benefits such as stock options, employee stock purchase plans, charitable gift matching, performance bonus, etc. So, you will get to know everything about the employee benefits once you log in to or portal.

Check out the detailed guide about Panorama Charter Login where you can access your employee benefits, w2 tax forms, paystub and everything.

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