Spectrum W2 Form – For Former, Active Employees

W2 form is nothing but a tax form that will have all the details such as wage, tax deductions, salary, etc. In other words, spectrum w2 form is nothing but a sheet that has every single detailing information about your work attendance for which the wage paid and hours of work, tax deductions.

So, you can download that form from panorama charter employee portal and use the same while filing your income tax. Moreover, you can take a print out of the document to get it as a hard copy and you may use that anywhere you need.

Let’s see how you can download spectrum w2 form online today and how to get it for each month. Both current employees and former employees will have the chance to download or print this online.

How To Get Spectrum W2 Form for Former, Active Employees

Spectrum employees will receive their yearly w2 form which contains details of each month wage pay and deductions at the end of each year. If you haven’t received you w2 form hard copy, you can now download it online and you may even take a print out of it.

Kindly understand one important fact here, employee can only be able to get their w2 tax form if their employer issues it successfully. Otherwise, you need to contact the Human Resource support team of you company to get immediate assistance.

Download Spectrum W-2

1. Go to panorama.charter.com home page on your phone or computer by using any web browser. Or, simply go to the above link on whatever device you are currently using.

2. Type your username above and enter the password associated with that username in the next field.

3. Click “Login” option, so that you can go to the charter employee dashboard.

4. Once you are logged in successfully, just navigate to the hamburger menu which is at the top left corner of the dashboard.

5. Go to W-2 menu where you will be able to find out everything you are looking for.

That’s it guys, there you can download your current year’s w-2 tax form with all required details. This method is applicable for only active employees. If you are a former employee, you need to ask the administrator because you won’t be having the login details to log in to the portal.

How To Get Panorama Charter W-2 Tax Form To Mailing Address?

In general, every employee will get their employee’s w2 form ready by the end of the year. They will first fill out the required details such as the base pay of the employee and the amount deducted for their 401k plan and taxable amount.



Next, the employer will submit the W-2 to SSA and then SSA will process the tax form. Then after that, that w-2 form will be sent to the IRS and to the employee home address.

This is the default method to get the w-2 form of active employees. Every company will send the copy of the employee w-2 form to their mailing address either at the end of the current year or at the beginning of the next year.

If you haven’t received your w-2 tax form yet or you have changed your home address, it’s better to contact the HR department.

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